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WILKES-BARRE - Instead of sleeping in over spring break, six Wilkes University seniors will be wide awake in Bangladesh, working to construct a solar generator that will connect students in a remote village to the Internet for the first time. "Having Within days it found that Sarkar was languishing in the Karachi jail. Meanwhile, in Sarkar's home village of Bishnurampur in northern Bangladesh, everyone was ready to welcome him home. "The whole village is waiting for him. Everybody is concerned to know A solar energy panel is seen on the roof of a house at a village near the Sunderbans in Bangladesh. The number of households in the electricity-starved South Asian nation using solar panels has crossed the one million mark -- the fastest expansion of solar There are 50 other Bangladeshi enclaves like Mr. Ali’s inside has an Indian voter ID card because he was able to register at the home of a relative in an Indian village. Every family, it seems, is divided in this way. “If we had been in India said Ellen Goldstein, World Bank country director for Bangladesh in a press release. “The solar home systems have already improved the quality of life of millions of people in Bangladesh and provided opportunities for new village enterprises.’’ SALT FREE: Containers made from plastic sacks and sheets are filled with soil collected after the monsoon season. KHULNA, BANGLADESH—The soil in Chandipur village vertical gardens only in Bangladesh, although examples of similar, local designs .

Floating gardens, raised homes in Bangladesh. As part of the conference, participants visited local communities to see how adaptation projects were working. A road led from the river toward the entrance of Goalbari, a mainly Hindu village surrounded DHAKA, Bangladesh -- The nature's design _ the man-eating tigers of the mangrove forests _ and some are man-made _ the thick-as-soup pollution in Dhaka, the impossibly congested capital. "Sometimes," said Anwara Begum, a villager who lost her home A joint Bangladeshi and Chinese archeological dig in Munshiganj but based on the architectural designs of the ruins, they believe the town could be a thousand years old. According to ancient bronze engravings, Munshiganj, formerly Bikrampur, used a remote village in the northern Bangladeshi district of Naogaon, were stunned one night last summer when the darkness was suddenly illuminated by electric lights coming from a village home. Why the surprise? The community has no connection to the country .

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Amazing HOMEmade - family houses in Bangladesh

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Remarkable Bangladesh Village

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Outstanding Beautiful House Bangladesh

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Magnificent Beautiful Bangladesh Village

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Incredible Bangladesh Village

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